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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beer Review - Barbar

Brasserie Lefebvre Barbar Belgian Ale - 8% ABV

Brasserie Lefebvre (no, this is not a type-o, that is how it is spelled) is a family brewery that began production in 1876 and have quite a range of products. They make Hopus, Floreffe Abbey Ales, Blanche de Brussels, Krieks and many others. If you are a beer explorer you have probably had Barbar, which is sporadically available in Dallas.

The brewery began producing Barbar in 2009 and market as an ancient brew, or a mead if you will, inasmuch as that they use honey in the ybrewing process in lieu of sugar. The color is a deep gold and the smell is fresh with witte undertones. The sweetness from the honey in the first flavor that hits your palate. Citrus, coriander, ginger, anise and milk are the underlying flavor notes with very little in the way of hops for balance.
This one is more like a desert beer for me and a bit too sweet to put down more than one at a sitting. Good though.

Brasserie Lefebvre
Chemin du Croly 54
B-1430 Quenast Belgium

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