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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beltline West - Coconut Thai Grill

Coconut Thai Grill - Carrollton, TX

Once upon there were 3 restauranteurs who started a little restaurant, which was called Asian Mint.  The restaurant was an Asian fusion concept with a leaning toward Thai, and it enjoyed moderate success.  However there was dissention amongst the owners on which direction to take the restaurant, with 2 of the owners wanting to change the menu to be more familiar Chinese and the chef , from Thailand, wamted to keep the menu with more Thai dishes.  In the end, Goldilocks .... er...Marayat Gary, was bought out by the 2 trolls and went off into history ..... or did she?

Won Ton Soup
At the corner of Webb Chapel and Beltline in Carrollton stands an old abandoned Long John Silver's.  Indeed, it is still recognizable as a Long John Silver's, except now the dishes being created in the kitchen are delicious and won't give you gas.  You will also recognize the paintings inside as being from the same artist who created the artwork at the Asian Mint, which was Marayat's daughter.

Pad Ke Mao
Much like Chinese dishes prepared in American restaurants only vaguely resemble their counterparts in China, Thai dishes prepared in the U.S. are quite dissimilar to their original dishes.  The problem with the American dishes is that they have been changes to suit the tastes of many American.  Sweeter, with less fire.  Sugared up so much that many dishes are almost as sweet as desserts.  Coconut Thai Grill follows it's origins perfectly with dishes that are savory, with enough heat to make you sweat. 

Chicken w/ Peanut Sauce
With nary a man in site, Marayat and her ladies create perfectly prepared Thai dishes like Tom Kha soup, Larb, Pad Thai along with a multitude of other Thai dishes that you will adore.  Much like the original Asian Mint, you will also find hybrid dishes like Spicy Catfish (my fave) along with Chinese standards.  There are also vegetarian and gluten free dishes added for those with different dietary needs.

Make the drive, enjoy the food.  Delightful.

Mango Sticky Rice
Coconut Thai Grill
2512 East Beltline
Carrollton, TX 75006

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