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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beer Review - Scotch Silly

Brasserie de Silly Scotch Ale - 7.5% ABV

Oh sure, everyone knows that the Scottish make Scotch, but not that many people know that some dandy ales are made is Scotland as well.  Take this Silly Scotch for ins .......what was that?  Silly Scotch is not make in Scotlant?  But it has silly in it's name and silly is definitely an English word, right?  Wrong?  It's taken from the French word sille, which means stream. It's made in Belgium?  Crap.  I was trying my best to get off the Belgium train and review a beer from somewhere else.  Try reading the label next time?  Kiss my ass.

Silly, being a French word should be pronounced See-yee which sounds so silly that I am refusing to pronounce it the correct way.  Pronouncing Silly as silly is silly damnit.  The Brasserie de Silly was founded in 1850 and only recently expanded their line and began exporting.

Actually, even though it is called a Scotch ale, it is really quite different.  Whereas Scotch ales are typically malty, dry and not so sweet, this ale is sweet and yeasty. 

The beer poured cloudy goldish-brown with very little head to speak of and not much in the way of carbonation.  It smelled of hops, spices and a bit of the alcolol ethers.  Like it's scotch ale namesake there was plenty of malts flavor, but it's Belgian heritage shows through with the prevalent flavor of typical Belgian yeasts.  It's sweet and hoppy and has lots of spices to explore and underlying vanilla flavor.  The hops provide a bit more interest than the typical Belgian ale and are a welcome addition.

I think that this beer is another genre buster and while named a Scotch ale, it really isn't.  If you are a dumbass like me and fail to read the label, you may be dissappointed with this as a Scotch ale, but you will not be dissappointed with your Belgian ale.  You can find this one in several locations including the Bottle Shop, Spec's and Total Wine.  Cheers.

Brasserie de Silly
rue Ville Basse, 2
7830 Silly [Belgium]

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