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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beer Review - InterPol Brewery

Brewery InterPol Witte Pol (6.0% ABV) & Zwarte Pol (6.5% ABV)

See this fellow here? His name is Pol.

He makes this fantastic Witte.

And this delicious double.

In his tiny brewery.

Located within this tiny pub.

The interesting thing about Pol and his little pub is that many of the major players of the U.S. craft brewing scene have sat here with Pol chatting and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. Garrett Oliver, Steven Pauwell, and Steve Dresler are among those who have visited and not talked about beer, because Pol refuses to talk about brewing. So why do they come? Is it because Pol brews great beer? I must say that Pol does make some dandy beer. Is it because Pol is an interesting fellow? I must say that Pol is pretty damned amusing. Is it because Chris Bauweraerts (the founder of the Achouffe brewing company) lives around the corner and hangs out here? Chris does ride his bike over in the evenings. I am afraid that I cannot say for sure, you are just going to have to make the trip yourself and see. Cheers!
La Vieille Forge
Mont 33
6661 Mont, Belgium

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