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Friday, May 18, 2012

Beer Review - Lancelot

Cervoise Lancelot, Lancelot Belgian Style Pale Ale - 6% ABV

This beer find surprised the holy hell out of me because we found it visiting one of the most over-run places on the planet.  The tiny island/castle gets over 3 million visitors a year and is one big tourist trap.  Grungy, old hotels and severly overpriced restaurants with mediocre food served by indifferent staff and one tiny creperie with several dandy, regional beers.  Who knew?

Cervoiserie de Lancelot was founded in 1990 by Bernard Lancelot (no, it was not named after King Arthurs sidekick, nice guess though) in a chateau built in the late 1400's.  It quickly outgrew it's environs and was moved to the site of an old gold mine with amazingly pure water.  All of the 7 beers that they produce are top fermented, unfiltered, organic and unpasteurized.

The beer pours with a huge head that quickly dissappated and with a very light nose tha smelled mostly of malts and a bit of hops.  The texture was quite fine and was only lightly carbonated.  The full flavor was very balanced with a bit of the honey that they used in the brewing process and the malts.  Really nicely balanced with a nice finish and too damned easy to drink.  Surprised?  Yes indeed.

Brasserie Lancelot
56460 Le Roc St André

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