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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beer Review - Gertrude Rot

Stade Ratskeller Gertrude Red - ??? ABV

Sorry, I accidentally deleted this one so I am re-posting.

Do you know what a Rathaus is in Germany? City Hall. Yeah, I know the translation doesn't mean rat house, but I like the way it sounds anyway. I also like the thought of associating politicians with rats. Rather poetic don't you think? Perhaps we should change the name of Dallas city hall to the Dallas Rathaus. Works for me.

Now the Ratskeller is the basement below city hall and what this means is below the city hall of Stade is a brewery and restaurant. Another genius idea and it is too bad it took the Germans to come up with a positive use for city hall.

Oh yes, the beer. The smell was masked by the clouds of cigarette smoke from the soccer fans enjoying the quarter final match of Bayern Munchen vs Real Madrid. The flavor was nicely earthy, a bit sweet and surprisingly dry without being hoppy. I was unable to find anyone who could tell me what the alcohol content was, but I do know that after several we were singing along with the Bayern fans. Singing songs we didn't know in a language that we don't speak. Hooray beer!

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